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Fodder Wrap

Manufactured from a blend of LLDPE, LDPE and other materials with a PIB tackifier. The products used are chosen for their outstanding mechanical properties i.e. elongation, tear strength, puncture resistance, tensile strength and excellent tack characteristics.


  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Outstanding tack properties
  • Good yield per roll
  • The added TIO2 and UV stabilizer protect the silage wrap against premature weathering and degradation.
  • The silage wrap has been tested by the University of Stellenbosch for Artificial Weathering and Exposure and was found to adequately last the period (9 months) needed for this application.


  • Width:                  750 mm
  • Thickness:           25 micron
  • Length:                1500 m
  • Weight:                25,88 kg
Extra Information on White Fodder Wrap


The silage wrap must be stored in a dry, cool area (20 to 25 deg) with a minimal temperature variation. The silage wrap must be stacked not higher than four layers. The rolls must be handled with care so as not to damage the roll surface and edges.


Based on a typical Round Bale Wrapper with maximum 70% stretch, the plastic should be applied in the following manner:

32 Turns = 4 layers plastic = 9 months expected life span

We recommend

40 Turns = 5 layers plastic


The wrapped bales must be handled with extreme care as not to damage or tear the plastic film.

Storage of wrapped bales

The wrapped bales must be placed on the flat end with the end of the plastic film tucked firmly under the bale.

It is important to store the bales in such a manner so as to protect the wrapped bales from the prevailing winds, as severe mechanical and thermal degradation can occur which shorten the life span of the plastic film. The Manufacturers Warranty does not cover wind damage.

Extreme care must be taken that the plastic does not come into contact with any chemicals or substances used for crop spraying or other applications i.e. fungicides, pesticides etc. as these chemicals and substances contain heavy metals, sulphates, chlorine’s etc. that will result in the breakdown of the UV stabilising properties, render the plastic useless and void the manufacturers warranty.

Manufactures Warrantee

Great care is taken in the manufacturing of this product. However, should there be a manufacturing defect, only the defective material will be replaced.

The Manufacturer will not be held liable for material handled, stored or used differently to the above instructions nor for any damages whatsoever.

The responsibility is on the end-user to ensure that the silage wrap is used and applied in the manner for which it was designed.